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Why do we care so much about when the world will end?


I have noticed so much crap about the end of the world since I started doing these podcasts. We had Y2K before I started doing shows and that was the only one I really paid any attention to really because it was every where. But since 2010 we have had the countless raptures which never happened. We even had a show during one of them and we all joked look outside see if there are any floating people. We had 2012 which was again every where like Y2K but that one we did not even touch on here at PEH? because it just seemed to much to out there.


But I really wonder why do we care so much about when it all ends? I can see the religious side , hey if the world ends and we are good people Jesus will save us and take us to heaven and we will be with out loved ones and everything will be great forever. Ok I am not one of them but if that is true I would sign up and be like hurry up and end. But so many of them think they can crack the code so to speak and figure out when it will happen to the day. But it clearly says in the Bible. And I am giving the short version that no one will no the time or place or date and no one will see him coming. Short version google the actually quote if curious.

But there are the so many other theories out there of how it’s going to happen we have the people saying it will be Plagues , Nukes , WW3 , Something from space , Natural destroy and of course the New World Order. But really here is my question and pardon the language but who gives a fuck when it ends? Can we stop it? Maybe in some of the options but odds are no. Can we live through it? Again depends on which way it goes down but odds are no. So why don’t we all just chill sit back and live and enjoy our lives.

If it all ends tomorrow either it’s over and we are all in blackness or depending on if your a good person or a serial killer you might go to a Heaven or Hell. But we are really not going to know until we get there or the world ends so it really is not that important. So lets stop making youtube videos about Planet X and that the anti christ is here. Lets find something better to do. Let hang out with our kids , spouses , pets whatever. Lets stop worrying about how the world is going to end.  Besides we all know the lizard people and Trump will ends up anyway lol.




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