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The Sallie House

Located in Atchison, Kansas at 508 N. Second Street sits a pretty average looking white house, but it’s far from average. The Sallie House is known for its chilling paranormal activity, possible demons, and lost souls, and is quite a hot spot for paranormal investigators and anyone desperate to get a glimpse of the unexplained. You are allowed to visit the Sallie House, but you have to sign a liability waiver first to show that you understand that you are putting yourself in danger by visiting. You can take a self-guided tour during certain hours and dates for $10 a person or you can test your bravery by staying overnight for $100 per person. Sounds pretty awesome to me. Would you dare visit the Sallie House? I sure would!

The Story Behind the Sallie House
The Sallie House was built around 1867 and 1871, with the first residents to be Michael C. Finney, his wife, two sons, and his daughter. Michael and his family lived in the house until Finney descendants died in 1939 and 1947, leaving him to rent out the house to different people. None of the people who rented from Michael stayed in the house for too long.

The Sallie House was also the residence of a physician, the front of the house was the office area with examination rooms and the doctor and his family lived upstairs. There are two stories about what happened during the time the doctor lived here. One story says that a little girl named Sallie was brought to him because she had stomach pains all night. The doctor determined she had appendicitis and he had to operate on her quickly. Little Sallie freaked out when she saw the surgical tools and the doctor had to hold her down to perform surgery. He tried to sedate her but she struggled pretty badly and he was forced to perform the surgery without her fully under sedation. She screamed when he made the first cut, but he kept going in fear her appendix would burst. Poor Sallie died on the operating table with her last memories probably being that she was being tortured by the doctor.

The other lesser known story states that Sallie was brought to the doctor with severe respiratory problems but he overlooked how bad her condition really was. She ended up dying from pneumonia, causing the doctor to move away from the house a few months later. The Sallie House supposedly got its name because one of the previous tenants’ daughter had an imaginary friend named Sallie, who is believed to be one of the spirits haunting this house.
Later Residents

The Sallie House didn’t get much attention until a young couple, Debra and Tony Pickman lived there from 1992 until 1994. They had some pretty nasty paranormal experiences, some which were physical. It didn’t take long after they moved in for things to start getting freaky. The Pickman’s dog would bark and growl at nothing, especially in the second-floor nursery. Their appliances would turn on and off, lights would dim, pictures would be turned upside down, and the Pickman’s even found toys in the nursery arranged in the middle of the floor in a circle.

As creepy as those experiences sound, they got much worse and things turned violent. The family reported fires that broke out in the house and Tony was often attacked. One of the first times he was attacked was when he was standing in the room of the house that was once used for performing surgeries. He began to feel extremely cold and then several long bloody scratches appeared on his arm. Other attacks would leave Tony with welts and scratches all over his body, especially his arms, back, and stomach. The couple always felt the temperature suddenly drop right before an attack. Tony saw Sallie’s ghost once during the short time they lived in the house. He drew a picture of the ghost he saw, his daughter said it was her friend Sallie. The family also experienced sounds of phantom furniture being moved, knocks, scratches, thuds, and thumps, along with disembodied human voices and animalistic sounds. Tony had a dream one night that his wrist was being pulled by a little girl. When he woke up, there were burn marks on his wrist that looked like the fingerprints of a small child.

Paranormal Evidence
There is a ton of paranormal evidence from the Sallie House. Many people have investigated the house and used a wide range of equipment including infrared and head sensitive video cameras, environmental meters, electromagnetic meters, and analog and digital voice recorders. Investigators have been able to determine that Sallie is not the only entity in the house. It’s believed that the spirit of Sallie is not the one that causes harm to individuals. There was another spirit, a woman in her mid-30’s, who was trying to turn Tony against his wife, as believed by a psychic interpreter. Tony did admit to having feelings of anger and hatred towards his wife when they lived in the house.
Some other paranormal activities during investigations at the house include equipment malfunctions, electronic voice phenomenon, dark moving shadows, audio phenomenon, temperature fluctuations, and light phenomenon. Individuals have reported feeling like their hair was being pulled, feelings of being pushed, and seeing full bodied apparitions.
The Sallie House appeared on several episodes of the paranormal television series called Sightings, the first episode was Season 3 Episode 42. Each time the Sightings crew came to the house they brought different investigators and different equipment to help find the answers to the Sallie House mysteries. All of the evidence captured during the Sighting’s investigations were compiled into an almost hour long video called Heartland Ghost AKA Sallie House Haunting, which can be found on YouTube.

Is the Sallie House plagued with demons or just lost and lonely spirits? That’s a question that remains unanswered. Either way, the Sallie House is definitely a hotspot for spooky paranormal activity and one you should definitely check out if you feel brave enough.


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