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Blog 2 What are Shadow People?


Shadow people sound like something from a video game or horror movie, but what are they really? Are they figments of your imagination, a result of exhaustion? Or are they spirits or demonic presences out to cause us harm? The skeptics out there believe that these creepy shadow figures are just our mind playing tricks on us, illusions, things that aren’t really there.

How can that be, though, when there are many reports from all over the world where people discuss their encounters with them? For those with an open mind and for those that have had real encounters with shadow people, they are a reality, and can be freaky as hell to witness in person.

Encounters with these shadowy figures date back hundreds of year, maybe even longer than that, but what they are exactly, why they are here, and why they only target certain people are questions still unanswered to this day. I’ll tell you what I’ve found during my research about these beings and you can decide what to make of it.

Is it Just the Imagination?

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Not every black mass you see out of the corner of your eye is going to be a shadow person. The human mind can be fooled quite easily and make you think you see things that aren’t really there. Another explanation is that these visions and feelings are products of our dreams and come when we enter the REM stage of sleep. This can also explain why people often feel paralyzed when they experience shadow people: sleep paralysis. While these may be common reasons why people experience shadow people, I don’t believe these are the reasons for every encounter.

Are Shadow People Ghosts or Something More Sinister?

Shadow people come in various forms, including benign shadows, negative shadows, hooded shadows, shadows with a fedora, and red-eyed shadows. The different forms of shadow people can mean different things, some evil, but most completely harmless. Are they ghosts, though? Many people argue against them being ghosts because most ghosts resemble human form and typically appear in a misty white vapor. Shadow people are completely black, opaque, and usually have zero features, except for some that have red eyes. Shadow beings don’t want to be seen and they’ll typically disappear if they’re noticed.

Most forms of shadow beings bring pure terror to those that witness them. Some of them are curious and stand in the corners simply observing. The red-eyed and hooded shadows are the ones that can bring the most negative experience for those that encounter them. The others are generally harmless, but they still cause fear. It is believed that shadow people can be demons with unknown purposes. It is also believed that they’re beings from another dimension and we see them when our dimension overlaps with theirs.

What Exactly Do They Want?

It still remains unclear if shadow people want anything from us when they appear. Most of them appear as just watchers and lurkers, and some individuals felt like they gave the impression that they were waiting for something or someone. Others seem to travel quickly through walls or other physical objects as if they have somewhere they need to be.

Can Shadow People Hurt You?

Most shadow beings will not cause you harm, but some can. Shadow people should always be taken seriously because we don’t know why they are here and what they are capable of. Most of the time they’ll cause extreme fear, making it impossible to move, talk, or even breathe. In other reports of encounters, individuals were left with marks on their body from these entities. Other people explain a feeling as if they are suffocating until the figure vanishes. They are also known to throw objects, sometimes at people. A lot of people explain a feeling as if the beings are feeding off any negative energy, leaving the witnesses emotionally and physically drained after an encounter.

So, how are you supposed to protect yourself against shadow people? Many people ignore the entity and it usually just goes away. Some individuals have found that telling the shadow people that they are not welcome causes them to disappear. If you believe the entity is evil, you might want to consider smudging your home with sage while telling the entity that is it not welcome. Make sure to smudge doorways, hallways, and windows to ward off the evil spirits.

Chances are, if you’ve witnessed shadow people several times, it’s not just your imagination. If you feel like you’re not alone in a room and you spot a dark figure in your peripheral vision, you’re not going crazy. Even though there remains at this time to be no solid explanation for shadow people, many people from across the globe swear that they’ve seen them and have talked in great detail about their experiences. Do you believe in shadow people, or do you stand with the skeptics on this one?

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That’s it for now, but stay tuned for my next installment of The Creepy Corner! Stay creepy, my friends and live life with your mind wide open… Because you never know what can be lurking in the darkness.


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