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Hoia-Baciu Forest AKA Romania’s Bermuda Triangle

Forests are full of beauty, tranquility, and mystery. Exploring them can relieve stress and anxiety, and allow you to enjoy the nature that surrounds you. Many forests are relatively harmless, especially if you’re an experienced hiker and have spent a lot of time hiking rugged forest terrain. Some forests, however, have sinister legends that surround them and can be quite frightening to visit, such as Romania’s Hoia-Baciu Forest.
The Location

The Hoia-Baciu Forest is located west of Cluj-Napoca in Transylvania, Romania. The forest isn’t just a paranormal hot spot, but it’s also a prime recreation destination, offering a biking park, and places to play sports such as airsoft, paintball, and archery. The Hoia-Baciu Forest covers about 729 acres and is hhome to the oldest Neolithic settlement in Romania, which was believed to be established in 6500 BCE.
What legends Say

Locals believe this Romanian forest is evil, cursed, and it’s believed to be one of the most haunted places in the world. Legends say that once you enter the forest all your fears come alive. Many of the locals believe that if they enter the forest they won’t return. Some believe that the forest is named after a shepherd that disappeared in the forest along with his 200 sheep. Other legends say that the forest is haunted by the spirits of murdered villagers and the spirits have been unable to move on. The forest didn’t really become famous until around 1968, but locals have feared the forest for even longer than that, believing the forest is home to the devil.
UFO Sightings


The forest gained attention after Emil Barnea, a military technician, captured a photograph of a UFO over the forest’s round meadow, or the Poiana Rotunda. Emil was walking through the forest on August 18, 1968, with some friends, when one of his friends shouted that they saw something, so he joined his friend and saw a large round metallic object in the sky above the trees. He was able to take four photographs of the object before it disappeared. Even before Emil’s photographs, a biologist named Alexandru Sift began spending time in the forest, intrigued by local legends, observing the spaces in between the trees because he said there were strange shadows accompanying him. He continued with his work and eventually captured what is known as the “Umbrella” photograph, which features a similar object as the one in Emil’s photographs.

Paranormal Activity
There is one area in the forest where no trees grow, and it’s supposedly a hot spot for paranormal activity. Many people that go into the forest have seen strange apparitions, seen unexplained lights, and have heard disembodied voices deep within the woods. Individuals brave enough to enter the forest usually experience strange symptoms almost right away. Many have had their skin covered in scratches, burns, and rashes, others have reported suffering from nausea, vomiting, migraines, or extreme anxiety. Many people have reported seeing a heavy fog over the forest and had the sensation that they were being watched.

The reason the forest is often referred to as the Bermuda Triangle of Romania is because there have been several cases of people missing time when they went into the forest. One of these instances involved a five-year-old girl. She wandered into the forest and got lost. Search parties could find no traces of her anywhere. Five years later, she was found crying near the edge of the woods with no recollection of the missing time. She also never aged and was wearing the same clothes she had on the day she went missing. I could not find any evidence of this story being true, but it’s apparently one of the most popular stories about the forest and the effects it has on people.

Many people have taken photographs in the forest that have revealed mysterious figures that were not visible when the photograph was taken. The soil of the strange clearing in the forest has been tested numerous times to conclude that there’s nothing out of the ordinary going on, but the bulk of the paranormal activity occurs in this clearing. Aside from Emil and Alexandru’s UFO sightings, there have been numerous other sightings as well, including a pyramid-shaped UFO that many have seen.

There’s no doubt that the Hoia-Baciu Forest is creepy, mysterious, and fascinating. It’s hard to know if any of the legends are true, but it definitely sounds like there are some weird unexplained things happening there, which makes it even more fascinating.


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