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The Best Haunted Houses Across America to Visit This Halloween

If you’re tired of the traditional haunted houses you visit during the month of October and are looking for a whole new level of scary, you’re going to love this list of the best haunted houses in America. These haunted houses are so far from the ordinary haunted houses you’ve been to and most cater to adult audiences and require you to sign a waiver before you enter. Are you brave enough to find out what it’s like to experience fright like you could have never imagined?

Haunted Hoochie at Dead Acres – Pataskala, Ohio

Haunted Hoochie at Dead Acres is a highly elaborate haunted house with sick and twisted scenes. The indoor section spans 50,000 square feet and the outdoor section is 50 acres on a farm. This attraction is definitely not appropriate for children, pregnant women, or anyone that scares easily. You’re going to be touched by the actors, so if you don’t want to be touched, this isn’t somewhere you want to be. Someone that visited Haunted Hoochie at Dead Acres described having an actor pick them up, carry them into a different room, spin them around a bunch of times, and then pushed them back into their group. A sign before entering the attraction describes potential risks as slipping, falling, colliding with fixed objects or other people, and emotional injury.

ScareHouse: The Basement – Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Scarehouse lets you know right away that you’ll be touched, blindfolded, and restrained during this tour. Visitors will definitely be tormented and scared out of their mind and you have to sign a waiver before entering. There’s high-voltage effects, water, complete darkness, sexual content, exposure to electricity, violent situations, strong scents, tight spaces, and high impact scares. You cannot enter if you’re pregnant or on a pacemaker, and you will be screened for drugs before entering, so don’t plan on going if you are under the influence. If you’re too scared to continue or have an emergency, you must yell BUNNY as loud as possible and you’ll be escorted out.

Freakling Bros: Victim Experience III – Las Vegas, Nevada

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be a terrified victim, head on over to experience it at Freakling Bros: Victim Experience III. The rules state that you have to be prepared to experience all types of emotional, psychological, and sensory torture without retaliating. You also must accept that your clothing will probably become damaged and removed during the tour. There’s going to be verbal abuse, humiliation, and you may become separated from your group. If you’re too scared to continue, you have to yell Purgatory as loud as possible and someone will get you out. You have to sign a waiver before entering. Unfortunately, this experience is on hiatus for 2016 but plans to return in 2017.

McKamey Manor – Southern California

You have to be 21 years or older to enter McKamey Manor and you must be prepared for the tour to take anywhere from four to eight hours. If you wish to attend you have to be prepared to be submerged in water, become drenched in blood, possibly get a haircut, eat gross stuff, and be stuck in very enclosed spaces. This haunted house is so intense that you have to have a doctor’s note that states you are mentally and physically cleared to participate, you must have a background check, you’ll have a drug test, and you have to be screened via Skype before you can participate. There’s also a very detailed 10-page waiver you’ll have to sign. You can only get in by reservation only.

Blackout Haunted House – New York and California

Blackout Haunted House features extreme violence, they’ll make you eat stuff, submerge you in water, you’ll face sexual situations, and you have to be prepared to enter alone. There’s a waiver to sign and a safe word and you must be 18 or older to get in. In the past participants have had to suck on bloody tampons (fake, I hope), get water boarded, experience complete darkness, tied up, have a bag put over their head, and walk on tons of used condoms. Some also have described having to stick their hands in a vomit filled toilet to retrieve a set of keys. Blackout is completely unpredictable and may have you rolled up naked in a sheet of plastic at some point.

ALONE: An Existential Haunting: Los Angeles, California

The ALONE experience is unlike any other and makes you think, feel, and experience things you won’t be comfortable with. It’s not a traditional haunted house where you walk through rooms and have things jump out and make you scream. Participants have described the experience as being in a dreamlike state where you have to face your fears. ALONE is a fully immersive walkthrough experience and there will be many times you’re completely on your own. The experience forces participants out of their comfort zones. You will be touched during the ALONE experience by the actors. It’s not recommended to wear your best clothing to the ALONE experience because your clothing may become dirty and damaged. You have to be able to run, walk, crawl, climb stairs, and be okay with being physically moved by the actors. There are many moments of complete darkness, strobe lights, theatrical effects, and heavy fog. You have to be 21 or older and provide photo ID for proof of age. You have to sign a waiver before entering.

So, there you have it. Some of the most twisted, sick, and extremely frightening haunted houses in America. If you don’t scare easily and are looking for something more intense and something horrifying enough to actual give you a good scare, be sure to check these out!



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