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The Most Haunted Items in the World

There are many people out there that are skeptics and think there is a reasonable solution for everything. Things that cannot possibly be explained by science still cannot be anything paranormal, because ghosts and evil spirits just aren’t real. Sometimes it’s easier to believe that there are no such things as paranormal occurrences. I mean, who really wants to believe that something as innocent as a doll can contain an evil spirit? Check out the most haunted items in the world and maybe they’ll make a believer out of you.

Robert the Doll


I’ve already explained my extreme dislike for dolls in my Island of the Dolls post, but stories like this just make my dislike for them even stronger. There’s really nothing cute about Robert the Doll. Just looking at pictures of him sends shivers down my spine. The general idea of the doll sounds cute. A little boy in a sailor outfit holding a dog sounds adorable, but Robert the Doll is anything but cute. Robert is approximately 111 years old and lives in Key West, Florida at the Fort East Martello Museum. Robert Eugene Otto received this doll as a birthday gift and developed an unhealthy relationship with it, carrying it around everywhere and talked about the doll as if it were a person.

As soon as Robert the Doll entered Otto’s life weird stuff began to happen, which no one could explain. Giggling was heard from an unknown person with a very deep voice. Furniture would get overturned in the room where Robert was, toys would disappear and reappear mutilated, and Otto would always blame Robert for anything that went wrong. Robert was eventually banished to the attic and would appear to move from window to window on his own.

Once Robert arrived at the museum, more weird stuff would occur such as cameras and electronic devices malfunctioning and strange unexplained noises in the museum. No one really knows what causes Robert to do these things, is it voodoo, or a playful spirit? Who knows, but if you really want to, you can visit Robert at the museum and even take home a replica of this fabulously creepy doll.

The Dybbuk Box


If you’ve seen the movie “The Possession,” you’ve probably already heard about the Dybbuk Box because the movie is based on this true story. The Dybbuk Box was originally owned by a Jewish woman who died when she was 103. This woman always claimed this box contained a dybbuk, which is a word from Jewish mythology meaning a malicious spirit or the dislocated soul of a deceased person. She also warned that no one should ever open the box. After this woman died, her belongings, including this box were put up for sale. Someone purchased the box at the estate sale with the intention of using it to store wine. Of course, the person that purchased the box did, in fact, open it. How were they supposed to know it contained an evil spirit?

Once they opened it, things started to get pretty bad for them. The new owner of the box decided to give it to their mother, who suffered a stroke immediately. They tried to pass it off to the sister, but she was freaked out by it because the doors would not stay closed. He tried to sell it, but anytime he did sell it, it would come back on his doorstep with a note that said: “this has a bad darkness.” No one wanted this box.

Everyone that had this box in their home complained about having the same exact creepy dream. The person that bought the box at the estate sale began to see creepy shadow things in his home. He put the box in a storage unit outside and the same night he woke up and smelled smoke and cat urine. He didn’t own a cat. He brought the box back into his home and fell asleep as he was researching the box. He woke up around 4:30am from a sensation that someone was breathing on his neck and he said his house smelled like Jasmine flowers at that point. He eventually sold the box on eBay but still claims to have weird experiences. No clue if the new owner is dealing with the same type of experiences.



Here’s another true story of a creepy and possessed doll, my absolute favorite (not!) Annabelle is a vintage Raggedy Ann doll purchased as a birthday gift by Donna’s mother. Donna was a college student pursuing her nursing degree and lived in a tiny apartment with a roommate named Angela. Donna loved the doll and put it on her bed for decoration. A few days later, things started to get weird. Annabelle would change positions or show up in completely different rooms. The doll would also write notes on parchment paper that said, “Help us” and “Help Lou.” No one that lived in the apartment owned parchment paper.

Lou was a friend of Donna and Angela and hated the doll. He always felt like it was evil and warned Donna to get rid of it. Whenever Lou would stay overnight at the apartment he would have nightmares of the doll gliding up his leg and strangling him and he’d wake up gasping for breath. Lou and Angela were preparing for a road trip one day when they heard noises coming from the room Annabelle was in. When the noise stopped Lou went in and Annabelle was sitting in the corner of the room. Lou got close to the doll but felt like something was behind him so he turned around. In an instant, he found himself clutching his chest where there appeared to be 7 claw marks, three were vertical and four were horizontal. The marks quickly vanished within two days.

They decided to bring in a medium to figure out what was going on. The medium said that before the apartments were built, a girl named Annabelle Higgins, only 7-years-old was found dead in a field. The spirit felt comfortable with Donna and Angela and just wanted to be loved and wanted to stay with the women. The women agreed and told Annabelle she could stay. Well, it turns out it was just a demon pretending to be a lost and afraid spirit of a little girl. The Warrens were called in to help with this case and they discovered that a demonic spirit was manipulating the doll and really intended to possess Donna’s soul.
The Warrens took the doll and they still have it, locked in a case. The Warrens said that the doll levitated on several occasions, would move to different rooms, and would seek revenge on anyone that made fun of it.

The Basano Vase


The legend of the Basano vase begins when a bride-to-be was given the vase on the eve of her wedding in the 15th century. She unfortunately never made it to her wedding and was found murdered the night before her wedding with the vase in her hands. The vase was passed down to members of her family, but anyone that took the vase would die shortly after. The vase was boxed up after the many deaths, but resurfaced in 1988 with a note that said: “Beware, this vase brings death.” The vase was eventually auctioned off and sold for $2,250 but the note was not included. A pharmacist purchased the vase and died within three months. After that, three more deaths have occurred to the next people who had the vase in their possession. A desperate family demanded that the police take away the vase because they no longer wanted it and it hasn’t been seen since.

The Painting Titled “The Hands Resist Him”

“The Hands Resist Him” is a pretty neat but creepy painting depicting a boy standing next to a doll with a door behind him. The glass panes of the door show darkness and several pairs of hands that look like they are reaching for the boy. Apparently, artist Bill Stoneham painted the picture based off of a photograph taken of himself when he was very young. A few years after the painting was completed, three people who were closely associated with the painting died. A couple owned the painting shortly after and explained weird things happening with it. They described figures in the painting moving at night and sometimes disappearing altogether. Anyone who looked at the painting would feel sick, and some friends of the couple said they felt like they were being lightly tickled when they looked at the painting.

The couple decided to get rid of the painting and it sat in the back of a brewery in California for 26 years. It resurfaced as an eBay listing and the eBay seller warned potential buyers that they had the painting in their home and their 4-year-old daughter became frightened because the boy and the doll from the painting were coming into her room at night. The father of the little girl actually set up a motion-sensitive camera in her room and saw the boy crawling out from the painting.

Kim Smith, a gallery owner, purchased the painting for $1,025 and she said she has never experienced anything unusual with the painting. Kim’s sons don’t like the painting at all, so the painting sits in the back room at the Perception Fine Art Gallery.

Anna Baker’s Wedding Dress


Wedding dresses are usually pleasant and symbolize a joyful time in someone’s life, one of the most important moments in many people’s lives. The story of Anna Baker is quite sad. Anna came from a very wealthy family and she fell in love with someone who her father forbade her from seeing because he was lower class than them. This man was the love of Anna’s life, so Anna decided to just remain single for the rest of her life because she couldn’t bear the thought of being with anyone else. Anna died alone and single in 1914. This wedding gown was the one Anna chose to wear when she married the man of her dreams, but she obviously never got a chance to wear it.

The wedding dress was actually worn by another girl, Elizabeth Bell, who mocked Anna for never getting married. The wedding dress remains on display in the Baker’s Mansion in Anna’s room and has a very strong reputation for being haunted. Many people claim to have seen the wedding dress move by itself, sometimes violently smacking the glass case that it is enclosed in. Some people believe it’s Anna’s spirit trying to get out. There have also been claims of a woman in a black dress on the third floor of the mansion and apparitions of Anna and her father Elias.

“The Crying Boy” Paintings


“The Crying Boy” paintings were created by Bruno Amadio, a trained painter and painting restorer. These paintings all features little boys starting straight at you with tears welling up in their eyes or tears streaming down their faces. Amadio made these painting to depict the sadness orphaned children felt during the war. 65 different paintings were made but were eventually mass-produced and sold in grocery and department stores, selling around 50,000 copies.

The weird thing about these paintings is that homes, where the paintings were displayed, were destroyed in a fire. This happened many times and the creepy thing about it is that everything in these homes was destroyed except “The Crying Boy” paintings, which were completely undamaged by these fires. People would deliberately try to burn these paintings but the fire wouldn’t even touch it, even after an hour of exposure to flames. No one really seems to know for sure what the deal with these paintings is, but it’s definitely creepy as hell.

The Myrtles Plantation’s Mirror

Thanks to my big sister I was subjected to way too many horror movies at a young age. Mirrors creep me out. Yup, dolls, and mirrors creep me out. Don’t judge. Mirrors have been known to connect the living world with the world of the dead and this 200-year-old mirror happens to be one of them.

Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana is dubbed at one of America’s most haunted homes and there are many different legends surrounding the property. In one of the popular legends, there was a slave named Chloe who baked a cake and laced it with oleander, killing three members of the family that lived in the house, including Sara and her two daughters. Legend also says that Sara and her children are trapped in the mirror.
When people visit the plantation, they often notice handprints in the mirror and there are strange drip marks that no cleaner can erase. Some visitors have also claimed to see people dressed in old-fashioned clothing within the mirror. No one really knows what the deal with the mirror is, but records show no indication of a slave named Chloe on the property and one of the daughters survived well into adulthood while the other died young from yellow fever. Many people claim that the plantation is home to over 12 different ghosts, who they are, no one knows for sure.

The Woman from Lemb Statue

Also known as the Goddess of Death, the Women of Lemb statue dates back to around 3,500 B.C. No one knows who created the statue or why, but some people believe it has deadly effects on the people that own it. It is believed the statue has been owned by at least four different families, and all of them have met a horrible fate.

Lord Elphont owned it first and within six years of owning the statue all seven family members died. Ivor Menucci owned it next and he and his entire family died within four years. The next owners were the Lord Thompson-Noel family and they all died within four years as well. The statue vanished for a while after the last family perished, but eventually ended up in the hands of Sir Alan Biverbrook. Alan, his wife, and two daughters also died after bringing the statue home. Biverbook’s surviving sons donated the statue to Edinburgh’s Royal Scottish Museum, and the museum curator that handed the statue also died within a year. The statue still resides in the museum, but it’s safe behind a glass enclosure.

The Tallman’s Bunk Beds

Debbie and Alan Tallman bought a bunk bed from a secondhand shop in around 1987, which was probably the worst decision they ever made. As soon as they brought the bunk bed into their home, strange things began happening. Stations would change on their own on the radio and the children claimed to have seen a really ugly old woman in their bedroom. Disembodied voices were also heard coming from empty rooms. A pastor was brought into their home and said he felt the devil’s presence so he blessed the house.

The paranormal activity still continued after the blessing and their son Danny was too frightened to even continue sleeping in the house. Alan became extremely frustrated with the entity and began screaming to it that he wants it to leave his children alone and pick on him instead. Well, the entity did exactly that. Alan heard a voice telling him to “come here” so he went to check it out. He claimed to have seen red eyes staring at him through his garage door windows. The voice told him that he was dead.

A relative spent the evening in the house a few days later to babysit and told Alan and Debbie that they saw a horrific figure. The Tallman’s decided to flee their home after that. The family destroyed the bunk beds and another family moved into the home and there hasn’t been any more paranormal activity.


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