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Real Life Demonic Possessions and Exorcisms

Demonic possessions are more than just something you see in horror movies; they really do happen. For thousands of years, true stories of possessions have been documented as well as the exorcisms performed to rid these individuals of the demonic presence. Some people are not entirely convinced that possessions are real; some think these individuals just had some type of mental illness. If you’re on the fence about whether or not possessions are real, you should continue reading and you might become a believer.

Anna Ecklund

Anna was born in Wisconsin in 1882 and is said to have been raised mostly by her mother until she was around eight. Her story is documented by Father Carl Vogl in the book titled Begone Satan! Anna is believed to have been possessed by multiple entities, some which were actually human at one time, showing signs before she was 14 years old. During her possession, Anna would have adverse reactions to anything that had to do with religion, blessed items, and she couldn’t enter a church. It is believed that she had a successful exorcism by Father Theophilus Reisinger in 1912, and it was successful but she became repossessed.

Her next exorcism lasted approximately 23 days, and during that time she was emaciated and frail because she wouldn’t eat. During the procedure, Anna’s body became so heavy that the bed frame bent considerably, and her head almost doubled in size. One more than one occasion Anna levitated, and she would display inhuman strength which would require six nuns to keep her still. She spoke in numerous languages she otherwise didn’t know and she seemed to be able to predict the future, such as knowing when Father Steiger would die in a car accident. After the 23-day exorcism, the demons were eventually expelled, allowing Anna to become lucid. The 2016 film The Exorcism of Anna Ecklund was made about Anna and what she went through.

Clara Germana Cele


Clara was an orphan from Natal, South Africa but baptized when she was an infant. In 1906 when she was 16, it is believed that she made a pact with Satan which led to her possession. During her possession, she was able to speak and understand languages she never knew before, had superhuman strength, and could levitate five feet in the air. There were also unnatural sounds that came from Clara that sounded like wild beasts. Clara was also able to reveal the most intimate details about people she never even met before. She hurled nuns out of covenant rooms and couldn’t stand to be around objects that have been blessed. Anna underwent a two-day exorcism in which the evil presence was removed.

Anneliese Michel


Anneliese Michel was born in West Germany in 1952 and was known to suffer from epilepsy and mental illness. It was when she was about 20 years old when her behavior drastically changed, rejecting anything religious. She was plagued with demonic voices damning her to hell and frightening visions. Her conditional got worse even though she was on medication, and she eventually wanted to kill herself. Her family believed she was possessed by demons and appealed for an exorcism, which was rejected at first. Finally, two priests were granted permission to perform the exorcism on her over a 10-month period in secrecy, which eventually lead to her death. She was just 23 years old when she died from malnutrition and dehydration. The priests that attempted her exorcism were found guilty of manslaughter. The 2005 movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose is loosely based off of Annaliese’s story.

Ronald Doe


A series of exorcisms were performed in the 1940’s on a boy referred to as Ronald Doe or Robbie Mannheim. Ronald was an only child and was introduced to an Ouija board by his aunt when he was young. After his aunt died he tried to contact her using the Ouija board and then strange things began to happen including sounds of marching feet and a vase levitating and smashing on the ground. Ronald was only 14 years old when he was possessed and became the inspiration for the movie The Exorcist. It is believed that when Robbie tried contacting his aunt using the Ouija board, he opened up a door and let demons inside of him.

During the time that Robbie was possessed, claw marks, scratches, and words would appear on his body. He spoke in tongues, levitated, and caused religious artifacts to fly off walls. Robbie underwent over 30 exorcisms and during one of them he was able to slip his hand out of the restraints, breaking a bedspring and using it as a weapon. Robbie was eventually able to have his demons removed and was able to live a normal life after that.

If you’re interested in watching films based on real-life possessions, be sure to check out the ones mentioned in the blog as well as Deliver Us from Evil, The Conjuring, The Possession, The Rite, The Devil Inside, and The Haunting in Connecticut.


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