So just wanted to say thank you to all of you PEH? Listeners a few months ago we had to do a major relaunch replace 8 shows find new hosts and shows. I thought we were screwed but we pulled together great new shows fantastic new co hosts and hosts.  I am will never forget the hosts that stuck with me.

We just finished July with the highest number of downloads we have ever had our number have offically doubled since the relaunch. It is freaked insane and I want to thank you for sticking with us getting the word out to new listeners . Some say I am crazy for not running this like a business but like a hobby but this is suppose to be fun and it has continued to be fun for over 4 years now the original show PEH radio is about to hit a hundred episodes.

So you are all amazing listeners (sorry I don’t say fans cause well I am not celeb) hope you stay with us and keep getting the word out there for us in the fall shows are coming back and launching so stay tuned.

Thanks again you people f*cking rock.

-Terry Konig

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