Credit urban legends – haunted History Society Australia

Curse of the Haunted Video Tape

The video tape urban legend has come into popular culture over the last 20-30 years. Here is a story that I found that fits in with the cursed video tape legend.

There is a video tape that will kill the observer within 48 hours after watching it. The story may sound like this. A group of college girls were having a slumber party and one of the girls goes to rent a video. The girl can’t agree on a video, she asks for help, the person at the desks states that she has just what she wants, and heads to the back room. Meanwhile the girl sees a video with out a cover laying on the counter. As the girl reaches out to grab the video, the lady returns with the other video and tells the girl not to touch the video on the counter as she hands the other tape to her. While the lady is not looking, the girl swipes the “home movie tape”.

Back at the house, the girl tells the others about the video tape she swiped, the others laugh, finding it amusing that the girl stole a home video tape. The girls put the tape in the recorder and the power goes out but the video keeps on playing. The video starts playing and shows a woman being burnt at the stake for practicing witchcraft and voodoo. She utters a curse that all who witness her death will face the same fate in two days time. The VCR then turns off. As promised, the girls died 48 hours after watching the video tape. They all died in unrealistic places such as the pool, ice-rink etc.


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