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credit haunted history society Australia

The “hell hound” is a demonic dog found in mythology, folklore and fiction but there have been a number of modern encounters with the hell hound that some say are very real, so again I will let you be the judge.

The hell hound has been described as unnaturally large, black in colour, glowing eyes, super strength and speed, ghostly characteristics and some times even has the ability to speak. They are said to guard the entrance to the world of the dead or undertake other duties that are related to the afterlife or the supernatural such as finding lost souls or guarding supernatural treasures.
The most famous hell hound is Cerberus, the hound of Hades from Greek Mythology. They also appear in Celtic mythology and British Mythology but have also been reported in modern times of phantom black dogs.

Here are a few examples of modern sighting of this mysterious black dog:

A common legend from World War One is the story of Angels and Mons. In August 1914, during the retreat of the British Expeditionary Force from the Belgian city of Mons, it seemed impossible to break through the German army which out numbered the British soldiers two to one. Arthur Machen, a writer of supernatural tales, published a report of an eye witness in a newspaper. He said Saint George was seen fighting of Germans, together with a band of 15th century bowmen. It was then found out it was all made up. But during those dark days, Mons was made famous by another much darker and sinister legend. In November 1914, Captain Yeskes and four of his London Fusilliers went on patrol in No-Man-Land. Several days later, their bodies were found with bite marks at their throats. And in the British trenches, a weird blood-curdling howl was heard…the howl of the Hell hound of the Mons.

On the 19th April 1972, in Gorleston Norfolk, at 4.45am, coast guard Graham Grant saw a very large black dog-like animal running along the beach. He stood watching it for a few minutes until it suddenly disappeared.

Mark Chester, a 16 year old from Atlanta, Georgia and his friend, Jeff, were driving one evening in 1979 when he saw a black labrador Retriever in front of him. As he watched it, it trotted out in front of him. When it was about three-quarters of the way across the road, it suddenly vanished. His friend saw it too. Fifteen years later, Mark could still recall the sighting was adamant that what he had seen was real.

In 1981, Irene Cole and her husband were driving along the Stanner Road in Herefordshire. They were approximately a mile (1.6 kms) or so along when they saw a huge black dog sitting in the middle of the road. Her husband swerved to avoid it, and the dog simply vanished from view.


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